Quick Tip – Helping versus Leading

Leadership HomeworkThere comes a time when our energies should move away from helping our kids and move toward leading them, especially with homework. It helps to understand the distinction between these two terms: helping versus leading. We are used to helping: reminding them of homework, getting their backpack ready, making sure the homework actually gets to school, etc.But as kids assume responsibility for more of their day to day routine and start to make more significant life decisions, they need less help but more leadership. Focus less on helping your child with homework and more on developing his/her competence and life skills-you’ll reduce the daily ‘nagging’ quotient and prepare your child for the new challenges they face.

I’ve found there are three ways we can lead our children: by being The Supporter, The Consultant, or The Boss. All three are effective–the tough part is deciding when to use which one! Over the next few entries, I’ll share some details about each style and thoughts on how to use it most effectively.