About The Author

I began my career as a school counselor, where I honed my skills in working with children and teens. I quickly realized that, although I enjoyed working with kids, real change would happen much quicker if I involved the parents.  This began my work in developing an expertise in working with families and couples.

A Little Background:

I received my Master of Education degree in 1988 from James Madison University and my Post-Master’s Certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy in 1994 from Virginia Tech. From 1988 until 1995 I was an elementary school counselor for Fairfax County, VA where I gained a ton of skills on how to help children and families.

I began my private practice in 1995 at The Arbor Center, a group practice where I honed my skills as a counselor and learned from some of the best in the area. Since 1999, I have practiced independently, focusing on issues with children, adolescents, and adults.

My Present Activities

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, practicing in Reston and Leesburg, Virginia. Please visit www.neilmcnerney.com to learn more.

Faculty Member

I am a member of the Marriage and Family Therapy faculty at the Virginia Tech Graduate School, where I teach a course on how to counsel children and teenagers.