TV – Expert Interviews

Here are some of my appearances on local and national media. I have served as an expert for interviews on many family related topics. I am comfortable talking about issues concerning children, parenting, family dynamics, homework/study skills, and other family-based topics. Please contact me for booking information.

Parent-Teacher Communication with WTVR Richmond

Fox 8 Cleveland

Talking With Your Teen

I was asked to do a live interview for a Washington DC network affiliate on tips for talking with your teen. In this interview, I give ideas and tips that parents can use immediately to help open up the lines of communication with their teenagers.

Roughhousing – Is It Good For Kids? YES!

I was asked to talk about a new study that affirms what most dads already know: Playing around, roughhousing, and horseplay are all good for our kids. On Fathers Day, MSNBC asked me to talk about this study and why it is important.

Couples Compatibility, Part 1

Andrea McCarren, local reporter and former network White House Correspondent, asked me to collaborate with her on helping viewers understand couples compatibility. In addition to these interviews, I helped her team develop a compatibility quiz for the station’s website, which generated thousands of page views for their site.

Couples Compatibility, Part 2

Families Dealing with Economic Stress

I met reporter Gail Pennybacker in a local deli. I recognized her from the local news and mentioned that I was impressed with her reporting. When I told her my name, she paused and didn’t reply for a moment. I wondered if I overstepped and whether she just wanted to finish her sandwich. She then said: “Are you a family therapist?” I wasn’t wearing a t-shirt that said ‘family therapist,’ so I wondered how she knew this. She told me that she was actually on my website earlier in the day looking for someone to interview about family stress mental health. Quite a¬†coincidence!