50 Year-Old Texting

I started a facebook post on texting for the 40+ crowd to brainstorm the acronyms we should use. Here’s what I have so far:

GSM – Get some milk on your way home

LOTCSMAO – Lying on the couch sleeping my a__ off

URL8 – You’re late

ATD – at the doctors

FWIW – forgot where I was

GHA – got heartburn again

WAITT – who am I talking to?

PUYRFON – pick up your phone!

URGRND – You’re groundedHMTR – Hand me the remote

IYT – It’s your turn (to walk the dogs, take out the trash, etc)

WMK – Where’s my keys (wallet, brain, etc)
DTTC – Do they take coupons
ISM – Is there a seniors menu
MBH – My back hurts
WWIS – What was I saying?
FICR – Forget it. I can’t remember 🙁
I5S – It’s 5:00 somewhere

WDITU- Why did I text u?

IFACGU …. I’ve fallen and can’t get up!

Who else texts there kids when they are in the house with you?
DNR – Dinner is Ready
CH – Come Here!
DYH – Do Your Homework
GTB – Go to bed

Can you think of any more?