The Next Big Thing Project

The Next Big Thing Online ProjectLast week, my friend Lori Lowe tagged me in a fantastic project called The Next Big Thing Online Event.  The Next Big Thing is a way for authors and bloggers to share the news about their most exciting upcoming projects. The goal is to share information about a big project, and then share the love by paying it forward to five other authors and bloggers. Please take a minute to look at the end of this post to see five other folks who are doing great things for families. Here is Lori’s Next Big Thing.

My Next Big Thing – The Focus Booster

I am putting the finishing touches on my workbook for students titled: The Focus Booster. The Focus Booster is a workbook that will help students stay focused on boring schoolwork for longer periods of time. The Focus Booster is based on a number of great scientific and therapeutic concepts, including ego depletion, cognitive behavioral therapy, and solution-focused theories.

The main concept of the workbook is to help students use very short periods of intense focus, called boosters, and then have shorter periods of rest. It’s a bit like interval training for the mind. Staying focused on boring material is one of the hardest parts of getting homework completed. The Focus Booster helps by breaking up the study time into much smaller blocks and then allows short breaks.

I hope to have The Focus Booster available for purchase on my website and on in the very near future.

Here are the authors that I have invited to continue to keep The Next Big Thing alive and kicking. Please click on their links to learn more about the great things they are doing.

Sharon Fuentes is a mom blogger, freelance writer, and soon to be co-author of my first franchise book “The Parent’s Don’t Freak Out Guide to Aspergers.” Her writing is funny, personal, heart-warming, and helpful. She can be found on facebook and at her blog:

Cindy Battino owner of Transformational Healing, in Middleburg, Virginia, has been blogging since 2010 and writing a Reinvent Your Life column in a local paper, the Middleburg Eccentric, for the last year. She is almost done with her first book, Reinventing Divorce. Cindy, an energy worker and divorcee, wants to help people do divorce differently. Her book gives advice and has an extensive workbook component so that people can find their own unique way through this difficult process.

Cindy has been helping people reinvent their lives for the past 27 years. First as a fitness professional and more recently as an energy worker. With her Reinvent Your Life programs she offers her clients everything from personal training, nutrition counseling, and life coaching to her unique perspective of the world and body as a Brennan Healing Science Practitioner. She graduated from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing – the only four year, licensed, baccaleurate program for energy work in the world – in 2009.

Hal Runkel – more information on Hal’s Next Big Thing is coming soon!